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Dialog Information Technology (Dialog) is playing an important part in bridging the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. They‘re doing this by growing the participation of Indigenous Australians within the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) sector by the launch of our new Indigenous Consulting arm, Garu InfoTech (Garu).

Garu’s unique collaboration with Dialog, Australia’s leading privately owned information technology services organisation, will enable our business to amalgamate the two worlds of evolving technology and the cultural intelligence of Indigenous Australia.

The integration of Dialog’s capabilities and our Indigenous expertise will provide services that enrich organisation’s Digital Transformation Journey whilst ensuring real change is achieved to strengthen Indigenous participation within the ICT sector as a way of contributing to greater Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) sector diversity and inclusion.

The Garu team works across the Dialog Group of companies to engage and deliver value to our clients through a shared resource model. This enables knowledge and experience sharing between colleagues, driving self-development and new learnings to pass down onto the next generation of ICT professionals. This model of resourcing illustrates the embedded Indigenous cultural attributes we aim to emphasise throughout our business and create a working environment where we can learn from each other both culturally and professionally.

At the helm is Brenz Saunders, Managing Director for Garu. Being an Indigenous Tech Entrepreneur himself, Brenz has long witnessed the lack of Indigenous involvement within the ICT sector throughout his career in the Public and Private Sector. Eager to make a change for others who have the same passion for ICT but don’t have the opportunities to build on it, Brenz in conjunction with Tim Browne, former CEO of Innodev and recently appointed Regional Manager for Dialog in South Australia, created the foundation to establish Garu. As a result of Dialog’s acquisition of Innodev, Garu will advance it’s service offering nationally and create even more opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

Garu hit the ground running with SA Power Networks as the first major engagement. Adrian Jeremiah, the IT Portfolio Manager of SA Power Networks was exploring pathways into IT for Indigenous South Australians as a part of his role in leading the Cultural stream of their Diversity and Inclusion Committee. As a result of a long-term strategic partnership with Tim Browne, Adrian was quickly introduced to the Indigenous Consulting Group. This connection led to the placement of Jarrod O’Callaghan, an Indigenous Software Engineer, on their Agile Team during NAIDOC week in November 2020, where he is working on developing apps and tools that assist the business in project delivery and making the day-to-day operations efficient for field crew.

“SA Power Networks is honoured to be associated with Garu and having Jarrod part of our team. Being part of a pioneering initiative that creates mainstream IT opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities means we get to play a small part in this great venture,” says Adrian.

Reflecting on this partnership, Brenz believes the opportunity to deliver digital transformation services to SA Power Networks will catapult the creation of further opportunities for Indigenous employment within the ICT sector.

Garu understands that digital transformation of an organisation is one of the greatest challenges for companies. The team’s dedication and experience provide the opportunity to work closely with, guide and support organisations to achieve their goals.

“This means looking at the needs of the whole organisation and find the right people for the right job,” says Brenz. “By working with Adrian and his team to place Jarrod, we’ve done just that. This engagement is one example of how we can enable our Indigenous staff to obtain industry experience and build on their professional capabilities in the ICT sector,” Brenz said.

This is a collaborative initiative for Australia’s Indigenous community, and we welcome additional partners as well as those seeking placement in entry level IT positions. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Garu on 

Visit Dialog‘s website for more information or contact us to learn more about Garu and what it can do.

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We operate beyond the ‘normality’ of our sector to rediscover how Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultural intelligence can assist in fostering a different way of thinking towards the delivery of mindful and sustainable digital solutions.

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